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Applique Beading and the Colony Collapse Disorder

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MSAB Art’s Learning grant Tells Ojibwe Star Stories

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South Ridge 3rd-4th and 7th  grade students worked with teaching artists from Frank Theatre (Mpls.) Wendy Knox and Emily Zimmer in retelling Ojibwe Star Stories. Artist and storyteller Carl Gawboy met with the students and retold the stories told to him as a young person by his father. These stories are based in our understanding […]

gidakiimanaaniwigamig’s manoomin project completed

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Over the past five years students from the South St. Louis county area, including South Ridge students and teachers, have worked with the University of Minnesota/LacCore and NCED as well as the Fond du Lac Reservation’s Natural Resources to better understand the past, present and future for wild rice growth on the reservation lakes. Students […]

manoomin Project Finishes Up It’s Fourth Year

American Indian student involved with the gidakiimanaaniwigamig’s manoomin study have now completed year four of a five year grant through the National Science Foundation. The purpose of the grant was to provide opportunities for young people to better understand the past, present and future of wild rice in northern Minnesota. Student presented their findings at 13 Moons nibi Forum. 13 […]

STEAM Science Fair

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Nearly seventy South Ridge 2nd -6th students in the STEAM after-school program were encouraged to enter this year’s Science Fair. After choosing working groups students began brainstorming ideas on Science Buddies. High School Science and Art students were matched up with young scientists and assisted them through the experiments, writing up data, and creating the […]

Manoomin research presented at Geo-Science Alliance

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The National Lacustrine Core Facility (LacCore) from the University of Minnesota and High School students from local programs supported by ISD2142 American Indian Student Services – gidakiimanaaniwigamig and manoomin –  presented work that they have been doing for the past five years.  Hands-on demonstrations and posters documentating  current research findings were presented by students, faculty, and researchers.The primary focus on the lake sedimanet core […]

FDL Natural Resources Teach Students to Use Compass

Students learned to applique beads on the front of a small leather pouch. Pouches held a compass. Over the winter students spent time with Fond du Lac’s Natural Resource scientist and community members learning how to read and use their compass properly. Funded through Success for the Future.

Mural Project – Cross Cultural Discussions with Local Elders

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The goal of the mural was to depict the history of the people from the area. Families had lived for generations as neighbors but knew little about each other. Based on the four seasons, the sky was painted in monochromatic blues showing historical images of our original people, the Ojibwe, involved in traditional seasonal activities […]

Jeff Tibbett’s Soapstone Sculpture

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Artist Jeff Tibbett’s worked with high school students in the art studio carving soapstone. Students prepared themselves by completing a series of conte’crayon drawings of animal skeletons and their muscle construction.  Based in observation of animals and the human figure, Mr. Tibbett’s has completed figurative work in iron, stone, copper, bronze, antler and bone. Students learned […]

Joyce LaPort’s Faceless Dolls

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Artist LaPort worked with students in grades 3-12 making a faceless doll. The doll was first made for Ms. LaPort as a gift from her Grandmother. As a young girl Ms. LaPort  spent a lot of time with her Grandmother. Her Grandmother wanted to teach Joyce how to use the needle and thread. Between their […]