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Nett Lake Government Building Murals by Carl Gawboy

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Funded by the Cultural Based Art Integration Program (CBAI), Northland high school students had the incredibly opportunity to meet local Ojibwe artist and legend, Carl Gawboy. Carl Gawboy’s murals capture the beautiful essence of Minnesota Ojibwe myths, legends, stories and narratives in the form of visual art. Gawboy brought students along a narrative journey, sharing some traditional Ojibwe lessons […]

Fall CBAI Workshop with Sara Montgomery

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Knowing and Understanding Cultural Standards is based in communication and relationships between the school/teachers and their student/community. Five standards that were developed through the experienced lens of Native Alaska educators to guide culturally-responsive teaching in Alaska’s classrooms. Cultural responsive teachers…. 1. Incorporate local ways of knowing and teaching in their work. Such as implement the 4 […]

Summer CBAI Teachers Workshop

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Twenty ISD 2142 Teachers and Staff members attended the American Indian Student Services Summer workshop at Fortune Bay. The  week long gathering provided those attending with a better understanding of what a successful learning environment includes. Teachers were challenged to design and implement a culturally responsive classroom. Speakers spoke to the importance of family and […]

Culture Based Arts Integration Workshop for Teachers

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Teachers spent a week on the Bois Forte reservation learning about Ojibwe and Dakota culture and arts. Through the Culture Based Arts Integration (CBAI) grant teachers are writing curriculum integrating seasonal culture and arts into current and new units of study. Activities during the week included many informative lecture on language, history and culture, demonstration […]

Native Flute Art Residency

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AlBrook’s 5th Grade students worked with Artist Wendy Savage, a member of the Fond du Lac tribe, creating a traditional American Indian flute. Using the student flute model created by Canadian musician and educator Rick Dube’, students will make a PVC replica of the traditional wooden flute. After a day of introduction to the flute […]

HOWA! Guest Artists Author and Illustrator

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AlBrook’s 2nd Grade students have been working with local writer Chelsea Annette and artist Luke Durand writing and illustrating “HOWA! How the Animals Discovered that Bullying is not Right” an original story written by the artists and students. Students worked with their classroom teacher Ms. Pam Burke-Ellison to write an inspiring story of anti-bullying. Animals […]

Snow Snakes Dec 2010-March 2011

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This Winter 7th grade at AlBrook and at the gidakiimanaaniwigamig seasonal Math & Science camp carved snow snakes. Snow snakes are a traditional seasonal game played by people who live with snow. Ojibwe Elders  are familiar with the game and we have found when they hear about our students working on their snow snakes  often […]