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Project Venture Helps Kids Set Goals

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Project Venture has been dedicating time to Middle School students and it is making a positive difference in our schools and communities. Through games, discussion and hand’s on writing projects, students become comfortable exploring their personal strengths, what they can and cannot control in their community and what they believe they can do to make […]

Native Flute Art Residency

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AlBrook’s 5th Grade students worked with Artist Wendy Savage, a member of the Fond du Lac tribe, creating a traditional American Indian flute. Using the student flute model created by Canadian musician and educator Rick Dube’, students will make a PVC replica of the traditional wooden flute. After a day of introduction to the flute […]

HOWA! Guest Artists Author and Illustrator

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AlBrook’s 2nd Grade students have been working with local writer Chelsea Annette and artist Luke Durand writing and illustrating “HOWA! How the Animals Discovered that Bullying is not Right” an original story written by the artists and students. Students worked with their classroom teacher Ms. Pam Burke-Ellison to write an inspiring story of anti-bullying. Animals […]

Snow Snakes Dec 2010-March 2011

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This Winter 7th grade at AlBrook and at the gidakiimanaaniwigamig seasonal Math & Science camp carved snow snakes. Snow snakes are a traditional seasonal game played by people who live with snow. Ojibwe EldersĀ  are familiar with the game and we have found when they hear about our students working on their snow snakesĀ  often […]