Fall CBAI Workshop with Sara Montgomery

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IMG_9450Knowing and Understanding Cultural Standards is based in communication and relationships between the school/teachers and their student/community.

Five standards that were developed through the experienced lens of Native Alaska educators to guide culturally-responsive teaching in Alaska’s classrooms. Cultural responsive teachers….

1. Incorporate local ways of knowing and teaching in their work. Such as implement the 4 seasons and storytelling to give background information.

2. Use the local environments and community resources on a regular basis to link what they are teaching to the everyday life of our students.

3. Participate in community events and activities in appropriate and supportive ways.

4. Work closely with parents to achieve a high level of complementary educational expectations between home and school.

5. Recognize the full educational potential of each student and provide the challenges necessary for them to achieve that potential.

CBAI teachers are developing and re-writing lesson plans to better meet cultural standards for their classrooms. Each CBAI teacher is asked to choose a current lesson standard based plan and/or thematic unit to re-design and implement that builds in cultural standards. CBAI will advise, assist development of the work throughout the school year. Montgomery suggests that lessons are best developed using backward design

Guide to Implementing the Alaska Cultural Standards for Educators Prepared in collaboration with  Alaska’s Department of Education & Early Development by the Alaska Comprehensive Center, Alaska Native Educators, and Education Northwest, May 2012

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