Nett Lake Government Building Murals by Carl Gawboy

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Gawboy murals_Nett LakeFunded by the Cultural Based Art Integration Program (CBAI), Northland high school students had the incredibly opportunity to meet local Ojibwe artist and legend, Carl Gawboy. Carl Gawboy’s murals capture the beautiful essence of Minnesota Ojibwe myths, legends, stories and narratives in the form of visual art. Gawboy brought students along a narrative journey, sharing some traditional Ojibwe lessons and teachings. Combined with Gawboy’s moving images, his personal storytelling captured the true essence and spirit of the local culture in Nett Lake. Carl Gawboy is a local Minnesota artist with a legend worth of history, creative talent and cultural knowledge. He is very well respected and a visual artist that has made incredible strives in capturing his relatives’ past in the form of art. Supporting more local Minnesota artists is just one way students can support diversity and culture within our state. By going beyond state capital walls and supporting narratives, such as artwork like Carl Gawboy, they  can also learn to be inspired by their very own hometown, seeing the beauty of what our state truly can offer us.

Select this link to take a virtual tour of Carl Gawboy’s murals in the Nett Lake Government Center.

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