Native American Flute

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5th Grade students created a traditional American Indian flute. Using the student flute model created by Canadian musician and educator Rick Dube’, students will make a PVC replica of the traditional wooden flute. After a day of introduction to the flute students worked in their art class to build the flutes and in their music class to learn to play their flutes.

Student personalized their flutes in Visual Art class by making small northern Minnesotan animals (fetish) out of FIMO clay and attaching them to the top of their flute (rooster). Students also individualized their flute by wrapped their flute with a beaded band (10 beads x 4 inches) of a repeating motif completed in the Art studio. Each motif had >3 colors/<5 colors that the student identifies with personally. Bands were attached around the upper body of the flute. Additional identyfying marking could include leather strips with a pattern of pony beads hanging down in a meaningful pattern.

Students taught to play specific music but they were encouraged to compose their own songs.Students worked in the Music studio and at home preparing a number of songs which were performed at the annual Spring concert.

Flute kits can be purchased through Rich Dube’ website.

Beading and leather supplies can be purchased through Lietze’s Taxidermy

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