Mural Project – Cross Cultural Discussions with Local Elders

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The goal of the mural was to depict the history of the people from the area. Families had lived for generations as neighbors but knew little about each other. Based on the four seasons, the sky was painted in monochromatic blues showing historical images of our original people, the Ojibwe, involved in traditional seasonal activities such as sugar bush and harvesting wild rice. The foreground, painted in full color, showed Ojibwe and European-American emigrants involved in mid-20th century to present day activities such as going to school, sliding and skating, raising animals, doing laundry, farming, and family life.

The images were created by Art 7 students in response to talking with elders, American Indian and European American. Elders met with students in their English and Art classes. Students were prepared with questions that would assist student in better understanding what is was like growing up in the area at that time. Students learned about harsh winters when cows still had to be tended, how vegetables were sold in town or shared with family and neighbors, and the ways kids spent their time – working the land and assisting with caring for the animals as well as playing outside. They found similarities between communities as well clear differences.

It was a beginning of an on-going discussion.

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