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ACC program before edit 029ACC program before edit 059IMG_0234IMG_0783webWe had a busy week…traveled a lot! One day we went all the way to Odanah, WI to visit GLIFWC’s headquarters. There we learned about invasive species and efforts by Scientists and Natural Resources folks to control the spread of invasive species like Asian Carp and Sea Lamprey into Lake Superior. We also saw leaders in our community providing knowledge and support for Ojibwe people as they participate in hunting and fishing on ceded territories, as agreed to through the Treaty of 1854.

Students also participated in a geology study. Wherever we traveled the rocks on the area were looked and and studied to better understand the history of our area. We looked at sandstone, basalt, granite among a few others.

We also collected water samples wherever we went. Tests were conducted to see the health of the watersheds. Tests included ph, dissolved oxygen, phosphate levels, sulfate levels and nitrates. We are especially interested in the sulfide mining proposal in northern Minnesota. We are conducting water testing along the St. Louis River watershed and collecting our own data to better understand the affect of the mining on the future. We believe that if the mining is allowed to proceed it would forever change the water-scape as well as the growth of wild rice growth. Please see for more information by students.

Time was spent at the Bear Center in Ely and swimming at the Lake nearby. Students visited the Bois Forte Museum where the history of Ojibwe people was demonstrated through historical displays as well as current work.

Students studied the work of artist Wing Young Huie through a “chalk talk”. Students practiced their interview skills and photographed each other with informative written statements.

It was a great time for students to be together and learn. We hope to gather again in the Fall during ricing season. See see more images from the Summer camp click here

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