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Culture Based Arts Integration 

Lesson Plans  Select this link to view lessons created by ISD 2142 teachers.

Select this link to see the Nett Lake Government Building murals by Carl Gawboy

As we learned, keep videos under 2 minutes, focus on the enduring question being answered through your lesson(s). Use iMovie. You don’t need to upload everything, just a few throughout the year. If you have questions about iMovie (or iPhoto) please contact a colleague or Carolyn Olson for assistance.

2014 Meetings:

Winter-North/South Meeting
Teachers met with Sara Montgomery, Rick Anderson and Lowana Greensky to share what is happening in our classrooms, concerns and discuss lesson plans.

June 16, 2014
Teachers met at the district office to finalize their lesson plans with Rick and Lowana in this our last year of CBAI/UM.

2013 Meetings:

June 17-21, 2013 
Summer Workshop at Fortune Bay/Bois Forte
Kris Sorenson of in progress has sent a link to the photo documentation from the workshop. You should be able to download any pics you want to keep.!i=2587179751&k=tvsGHTG

 You also may want to have the professional vimeo account that we used for the week. If you want to use any of these videos please download them soon, as I do not think this site is ours to keep.
email    password   tower
2012 Meetings:
June 11-16, 2012 Summer Workshop at Fortune Bay/Bois Forte, St. Cloud State University- NSSWE
July 30, 2012 Late-Summer Workshop9:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the Tweed Museum, UMD campus, Duluth, MN
Tweed staff will present what they have to offer schools/teachers through their exhibitions and collections. Artist, Joe Savage will speak to teachers about his work in the current show MniSota and lead a short quill activity. Bring “sloppy copy” lesson plans for the coming school year to talk over with Rick Anderson/Carolyn Olson.
November 2012, Winter Workshop, Bois Forte Heritage Center
Informal sharing of what is happening in the classrooms by Tower, Northwoods and Northeast Range teachers. Sue Anderson lead a discussion of the “Encoded” game. This game was developed by the Tweed Museum to assist teachers and students understanding.
December 5, 2012 Winter Workshop 4:00 – 7:00 PM at the Fond du Lac Cultural Center and Museum,
1720 Big Lake Road, Cloquet, MN 55720 (218) 878-7582
Informal sharing of what is happening in your classrooms by South Ridge and Cherry teachers during dinner. Rick Anderson may share photos taken while in your classroom/bring your own flash drive to share. Sue Anderson lead a discussion of the “Encoded” game. This game was developed by the Tweed Museum to assist teachers and students understanding.Jeff Savage, Museum director, historian and artist will talk with us about the history of  Fond du Lac Reservation, US and American Indian Treaties, Dawes Act, etc. Mr. Savage is an excellent speaker and has a wealth of knowledge to share. UM will close evening off with curriculum discussion.
2011 Meetings:

Summer Workshop at Camp Chicagami
10-15 teachers from ISD2142 were in attendance to build their understanding and knowledge of culture and history as they build current and create new lessons for their students. Keynote speakers included Carl Gawboy, Karen Savage-Blue, Shawn Chosa and Joyce LaPorte.
Connie Hyde, Cloquet Administrator led teacher discussion and activities with ISD2142 American Indian Student Services Director Lowana Greensky with Rick Anderson, CBAI Facility Assistant. Jean Ness and James Bequette were in attendance as well observing.
Two Mid year Meetings at Camp Chicagami
ISD2142 Teachers shared lessons

2010 Meetings:
Introduction to CBAI Meeting, mid-year, Camp Chicagami
Cloquet teachers shared their lessons with ISD2142 teachers

Please use these template as a guide to build into current lessons and/or create new lessons. Send completed lessons to Rick Anderson upon completion. Thank you!

CBAI Lesson plan Template

Teachers Reflection Template

Hands on  Curriculum Resources

GLOBE protocols

City Technology Physical science and art

Scratch computer programming and all subjects

Native Skywatchers, Prof Annette Lee, Physics Dept, St. Cloud State

gidakiimanaaniwigamig has links to seasonal camps, science fair information and manoomin project

Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC)


Bois Forte Heritage Center, Rose Berans, Museum Educator  Kris Sorenson


Teacher Geek all subjects

Steven Spangler Science  all subjects

Dick Blick art supplies

Dharma Trading Co.  textile supplier

Cyanoprints  sun prints on fabric

Leutze’s Taxidermy Attention: Chuck Cosmos, MN  320-877-7297  leather, beads sinew, etc.

Lowana Greensky, Director

Rick Anderson, Cultural Adviser and Facilitator

Carolyn Olson, Art Specialist

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